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alt APA is a leader in designing and engineering of air pollution control and waste management,particularly in flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) and dust collection.

APATechTM FGD System ? --A New Technology Break-though for FGD Recently, our scientists and engineers have improved our De-SOx/Dust System, APATechÔ FGD System, on the basis of modern technology, the principle of aerodynamics and our extensive industrial experiences and latest research findings. This latest technology can provide the best solution for the removal of /Dust of coal-fired power plants. APATechTM FGD System has focused on the development of key elements, which dominates the efficiency of the SO2 removal. With our advanced APATechTM systems, rather than droplets with 3 mm in diameter of conventional spraying devices for FGD, we have created a new spraying system which can produce much smaller sized droplets, having 20~400 mm in diameter by varying atomising air pressures, lime slurry liquid flow rate, and praying nozzle diameters, with a significant amount of charge on droplets. As droplets will have the same polar charges, they repel each other to achieve the smallest possible droplets of lime slurry. This innovative technology will save up to 25% of the consumption of lime slurry compared with current conventional systems. Along with our new spraying system, we have also developed a new type of perforated plates, on the basis of modern aerodynamics, to achieve a better gas condition in the absorbing tower. This reduces the pressure drops of the tower, and leads to a result of increasing the efficiency of SO2 removal of up to 99%. APATechTM FGD System also allows a higher flue gas velocity in the absorber and the adoption of horizontal flow spray absorber instead of conventional vertical flow spray absorber while retaining high removal efficiency. This will shorten duct length to reduce the pressure drop and installation and operating costs. To see more information about this system, please click here. APATechTM FGD system has also invested on the development of key equipments which guarantee the efficiency of the SO2 removal by the system. These key equipments includes Agitators, Dampers, Mist Eliminators, Spray Headers and Vacuum Belt Filters, etc.

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APATechTM ESP System — The Most Efficient ESP System APA’s senior scientists and engineers have spent more than 15 years in the research and development of electrostatic precipitation (ESP). We have upgraded our ESP system, the APATechTM ESP System, based on a new design approach incorporating the latest technological innovation in order to achieve high collection efficiency and cost effectiveness. Traditional ESP design uses empirical values of particle migration velocity or the value obtained simply by dividing the theoretical migration velocity by 2, based on particle mass mean diameter, totally disregarding the particles themselves. APATechTM ESP Systems employ a novel design approach focusing on particle size and size distribution and gas quality as well. APATechTM ESP Systems address the issue of how to utilize a single particle diameter to represent polydisperse particles in terms of theoretical migration velocity. This is a breakthrough in understanding deposition of all size of particles along a precipitator. We have developed a new concept net particle migration velocity, according to the traditional effective migration velocity of particles, to describe the effect of gas flow quality or uniformity on particle deposition. We have also created a new flow scattering plate to reduce pressure drop and generate a better flow quality and consequently higher collection efficiency. This innovation also involves the engineering consideration of the effect of particle size and size distribution on corona current, collecting electric field along the precipitator first time. This process can only be achieved after the particle average theoretical migration velocity is obtained as mentioned above. To challenge an increase on electrical field in the vicinity of the collection plates and high resistivity particles, we have applied the latest pulse power generator. This technology will reduce, on average, the amount of escaped dust by 30% compared with other methods currently in use. With APATechTM ESP Systems, we can improve the design accuracy of precipitators on each practical application, with a significant saving of up to 25% and the collection efficiency of up to 99.9%. This innovation also presents an ideal solution of diagnosing and upgrading old precipitators that show poor performance. To read the full article, please click here. For more information, please contact our Engineering Group.